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Previous Meetings


May 17 2006 - SGCN Online Conference-Smart Growth in Action and Online: Mayors' Showcase and E-Course Debut

On May 17th, 2006, the Smart Growth Canada Network held an online conference to get feedback from national stakeholders and stakeholder organizations on the first pilot e-course. In addition, three cutting edge mayors shared their experience with implementing smart growth solutions and processes.

To listen to and look at the latest thinking and projects on smart growth and sustainability, please check out the SGCN online conference at

March 11 2005 - Smart Growth E-Courses: Building Capacity Online, Ottawa

On March 11th, 2005, the Smart Growth Canada Network hosted a successful national multi-stakeholder symposium that focused on building partnerships, knowledge capacity and future steps towards the strategy of the Smart Growth E-Course Program . The event was funded by NRCAN and acted as an outlet to gather information for the preparation of a business plan and the required background for the development of a proposal to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Communities' Knowledge and Awareness Funding Program (KOA ).

Please follow the link for conference proceedings, including: workout session minutes, pleanry notes, and speaker's presentations.

March 12 2005 - Smart Growth E-Courses: Breakfast Session, Ottawa

On March 12th, following Friday's conference, Smart Growth Canada Network held a networking session for engaged stakeholders to share insights on potential partnerships, funding mechanisms and strategies for the Smart Growth
E-Course Program.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of the Breakfast Networking Session Minutes .
February 4th, 2004 - 2nd National Meeting, Ottawa

A second national conference was held on Feb. 4th, 2004 in Ottawa, hosted by Smart GrowthBC, and coincided with FCM's Sustainable Communities conference. The event was attended by NGOs only and included representation from across Canada.

Conference Proceedings
May 6-8th 2003- 1st National Meeting, Vancouver

On May 6-8 2003, Smart Growth BC hosted a strategy meeting with representatives from 35 non-governmental organizations from seven provinces across Canada. The Vancouver meeting was held to discuss critical issues, including specific smart growth strategies such as urban containment boundaries, campaign strategies, and effective partnership building. The dialogue also resulted in unanimous agreement on taking the steps towards creating a national network, and a volunteer steering committee was established to move forward and provide direction.

Please follow the link for the list of speaker presentations from the conference.
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